Youtube Preview # 2

2012-09-19 20:50:51 by NightHawk22

Well, I just posted my second preview on Youtube. Check it out if you want to see more-or-less what my next songs will be like. Follow the link to the second video preview. And subscribe to my channel!


Previews on Youtube

2012-09-19 00:06:27 by NightHawk22

Hey fans, I am starting to put some previews of my current projects on Youtube. This is for better publicity. I hope to attract a larger fan-base. I also have plans for putting some of my music on iTunes and a few other music stores. This would greatly help my music become self-sustainable.

Anyways, check out my latest upload - NightHawk22 - Exclusive Preview 1



Back from Brazil!

2012-07-12 22:05:11 by NightHawk22

Guess what, guys? I'm back from serving as a missionary in Brazil. It's been 2 years since I've used a computer, and to tell you the truth, I don't even have my own. I'm borrowing a laptop from somebody. But I will buy one real soon, and then I will get back to making music. It may be slow at first, but I will try to get back in it a little. Thanks for all the listens and downloads!



2009-08-22 08:51:08 by NightHawk22


I will be driving for the next few days to get to college. Once I move in and get my computer set up, I will download FL Studio again. I cannot promise anything regarding music during this post-move-in period of time. Once I get situated in college (probably after the first few weeks) I will see how I feel about continuing to make music. I don't expect to quit entirely, but songs may take a bit longer to finish up.
Thanks for your understanding,


Facebook Fan Page

2009-06-22 15:35:29 by NightHawk22

Hey NigthHawk22 fans,
If you like my music, show your support by becoming a fan on NightHawk22 on Facebook. Just search "NightHawk22" and my page will be in the results.