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great animation, I like the fighting stuff! I like how you timed the animation with my music. I especially like the part where he totally annihilates the stick dude when it says 'pure annihilation'. great work, keep up!

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trekopep responds:

Thanks! I actually wasn't planning on the stick dude exploding right when it said "pure anninilation," but if it worked out that way... well, great! Also, nice song you made there. I'm happy I found it. (NGAP Radio must be one of the most useful things on NG ever made.) Well, thanks for the review. Have a great day! :)


Oh my gosh, that was AMAZING! do another!
P.S. If you like techno music, check out some of my music on my audio portal

great work

great work, allmidori! very funny, and good graphics. not like some of the crappy stuff other people do. enjoyed it, good choice of music too.
where did you come up with the idea for this one? lol
good job,

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I really connected with the song in this games, i loved the whole thing.
very creative!!!

great job, man!

GREAT game, man! Keep it up!
P.S. if you like techno, check out my audio portal!

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Well made! I'm not a pro in this genre of music, but I can say I love the sounds of the guitars. They are different enough from each other that they provide contrast. Suggestion: maybe give the drums a boost - I couldn't hear them well enough for my liking. A strong drum beat can drive the whole song along. Throwing in a small drum solo at the end of each phrase would be cool. Not a long one, just leading from one phrase to the next.

Overall, good work.


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00guitarguy responds:

Thanks for the advice dude, I see what you mean about the drums. I've been a bit reluctant with adding fills because I've seen a lot of covers where people have gone overboard with them but after reading your comment I can see the drums are a little bit lacking. I'll be sure to add more variety from now on and also do some work on the dynamics :)


That was probably one of the most creative mixtures of genres that the DNB portal has seen in a while! I enjoyed the smooth jazz aspect mixing with the driving drum beat. I love when genres start mixing; it really keeps the listener on his/her toes. So you deserve a "parabéns" for your creativity. The piano ditty was well done, and I feel that you meant for it to sound as if it were from an old recording, but I think I would have liked it better if it was more clear and resonant. I liked the transition from the jazzy latin beat to the DNB beat; my only other criticism is that I wish there was a (stronger) bass present. My speakers are bad, and I couldn't hear if there was a bass, maybe some wobbling, grainy bass sounds in there under the surface - not stealing the spotlight, but adding constructively to the whole.

Good work!


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choopocobra responds:

woooot constructive criticism!!!

there was bass, nothing crazy at all though, this is meant to be more like utah jazz's stuff if u have heard of him.

Cool beats, good layering. I like how there's a lot going on at the same time, with all the synths and such, it gives the song depth that many songs here in the Audio Portal lack. You are creative with the melodies. I have a few suggestions, though. The song doesn't seem to me to have much flow or direction. For example, start with less complex, move toward more complexity, then fade out with less complexity. It seems as though the song jumps around a lot with no "method to the madness." Keep it up, though. I enjoyed it very much.


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