2009-08-22 08:51:08 by NightHawk22


I will be driving for the next few days to get to college. Once I move in and get my computer set up, I will download FL Studio again. I cannot promise anything regarding music during this post-move-in period of time. Once I get situated in college (probably after the first few weeks) I will see how I feel about continuing to make music. I don't expect to quit entirely, but songs may take a bit longer to finish up.
Thanks for your understanding,



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2009-09-08 21:38:31

Gotcha. :D


2009-11-03 17:21:01

Yo, where've you been?
Collage didn't kill you did it?


2010-02-13 18:58:08

Don't bother yourself.
As long as your songs are perfect ;D


2010-03-01 21:11:48

Wow, has it really been that long since you posted this? Time flies without your music :/

Oh well, all the more reason to enjoy it when you finish the next one.


2010-07-12 22:22:36

your music is awesome i put you on my ipod


2010-08-13 21:06:39

I think college is hard and annoying and very stressful and upsetting, but just make it through and it will be all worth the while. but stay in the music industry because your extremely talented at it!


2011-06-19 02:30:12

So very sad. Nighthawk's page has fallen to spam bots. I really wish i hadn't seen that.


2011-12-28 11:18:52

Your Chinese fans look forward to your music!